2023 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Owners Manual - Interior Lights

Interior Lights

The courtesy light switches are used to turn the courtesy lights on/off.

Courtesy Light Switches

To operate the courtesy lights, push either the driver or passenger light switch.


  • Before exiting the vehicle, make sure that the interior lights are turned off. This will prevent the battery from discharging once the doors are closed.

  • If a light is left on, it will automatically be turned off approximately 10 minutes after the ignition is placed in the OFF position.


Located above the rear passengers are courtesy/reading lights. The lights turn on when a front door, a sliding door or the liftgate is opened. If your vehicle is equipped with Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) the lights will also turn on when the unlock button on the key fob is pushed.

The courtesy lights also function as reading lights. Push the lens to turn these lights on while inside the vehicle. Push the lens a second time to turn each light off.


The dimmer controls are part of the headlight switch, and are located on the driver’s side of the instrument panel.

With the parking lights or headlights on, rotating the right dimmer control upward will increase the brightness of the instrument cluster lights. Rotating the left dimmer control will adjust the interior light levels of the ambient lighting on the instrument panel and doors.

Dimmer Controls

1 — Ambient Light Dimmer Control
2 — Instrument Panel Dimmer Control

Dimmer Controls (Vehicles Sold In Canada Only)

1 — Ambient Light Dimmer Control
2 — Instrument Panel Dimmer Control

At the top detent of the instrument panel dimmer, all the interior lights will illuminate. At the bottom most setting (extreme bottom) interior lights are turned off (dome off), and the cluster, radio and instrument lighting go to their lowest dimmable setting.

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